Kingsbury Launch Event

Alexandrion Group launches a new drink on the Romanian and international markets: Kingsbury London Dry Gin 

A refined, vibrant and contemporary gin distillate, with juniper and coriander flavours, bottled at the Alexandrion Distilleries

Alexandrion Group launches a new gin on the Romanian and international markets- Kingsbury London Dry Gin- providing the consumers and shoppers with a premium drink, distillated in Italy and bottled at the Alexandrion Distilleries from Prahova county. Created to reflect the elegance, nobility and royal distinction, attributes that define those who enjoy drinking it, Kingsbury London Dry Gin is a gin distillate, with predominant juniper and coriander flavours, which can be consumed neat, in combination with tonic water or in cocktail mixes.

“The launch of Kingsbury London Dry Gin is part of the development and transformation strategy of Alexandrion Group’s product portfolio, mainly focused on the Romanian consumer and shopper, into a portfolio able to cover the demands and needs of a larger, international public. We can say that Kingsbury London Dry Gin is a European project which successfully combines influences from 3 countries: the name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, the label design was made in London, the raw materials come from Italy, the country where the distillation process was also performed, while the product is bottled at the Alexandrion Distilleries, using pure high-quality water from the Subcarpathian ground source. We wanted to have a premium gin in our portfolio, made of natural ingredients, at the highest standards, able to attract gin lovers from all over the world. Central and Eastern Europe does not have tradition in gin production, but as spirits industry leader Alexandrion Group is the engine that challenges other producers to contribute as well to the growth of this market with high development potential” said Corneliu Vilsan, Chief Marketing Officer, Alexandrion Group.

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